Provincial Volunteer Engagement Strategy

A primary objective of the Better at Home (BH) Provincial Office is to enhance provincial program sustainability; one way is through the model of utilizing volunteers for service delivery. BH aims to create stronger and more connected communities, and effectively support seniors through volunteer non-medical service delivery, thus, the BH Provincial Office is committed to helping our BH sites obtain the resources necessary to run effective programs.

Each program includes a mix of passionate volunteers, along with dedicated staff and contractors. The BH Provincial Volunteer Engagement Strategy hopes to further encourage volunteerism within BH, locally, regionally, and provincially, therefore supporting volunteer richness and engagement.

The Better at Home Volunteer Engagement Strategy will focus on five deliverables:

  • Deliverable #1 – Better at Home Volunteer Programs: Training and Capacity Building
  • Deliverable #2 – Development of a Better at Home Volunteer Portal
  • Deliverable #3 – Engagement in Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Activities
  • Deliverable #4 – Provincial Volunteer Management Best Practices
  • Deliverable #5 – Provincial Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

For more information about the Better at Home Provincial Volunteer Engagement Strategy, contact:

Camille J. Hannah
Provincial Coordinator, Healthy Aging